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Bohème Salon: Holistic Beauty Redefined


We are a holistic lifestyle salon retreat designed by owner and creator Allison Williamson, the visionary behind Bohème Salon. 

We are first and foremost about natural care and holistic beauty, and strive to make our guests feel healthy and beautiful inside and out by using only natural organic products and rituals and by creating a holistic haven that inspires passion and empowerment to everyone who takes a seat in one of our chairs. 

Allison Williams,  Owner

Authentic Beauty


We are proud to be more than just a salon; we are your safe space, embracing and celebrating the rich tapestry of identities.

Our commitment to being LGBTQ+ friendly is unwavering, ensuring that everyone feels not just welcomed, but truly understood. Our talented team is dedicated to creating an environment where self-expression knows no bounds. Come as you are, leave as the best version of yourself. At Boheme Salon, we believe that beauty is boundless, and so is your right to express it freely.